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Aspropyrgos SITE 1985/87,Part 5Unfolding memories 30 years later.
Upgrading Project:Contract Nr:218-AF-14-007 Aspropyrgos RefineryVideo was taken during the upgrading of Aspropyrgos refinery in 1985 /1987, at Greece – BIOKAT ATBEE being   the main Contractor for Mechanical Electrical and Instrumentation Works-  of Units:
3300, 3900 3100,4000,4700,4100/4200 and 3600/4300 Lump Sum turnkey Project.In this Part 5 there are shown the followings:
a) The final placement on its foundation of   Vessel/Tower N4101, weight 249 Metric. ton, performed by Am. Hoist Derrick Crane/BIOKAT ATBE, utilizing a Boom=230ft(70,12mtr) , Mast =230ft(70,12mtr on the 23RD March 1986 , up to 12:53.20 minute. The tower had been upraised above  the installed anchor bolts which were if I remember well   36…It was a very difficult task to lower the tower so that all the installed anchor bolts to pass through the proper holes of the tower andat the same time the tower to have the proper orientation (previous  part of N4101 erection )b) As from 13:02.52 minute, the erection procedure of Vessel/Tower K4101, weight 129 Metric ton, performed by Am. Hoist Derrick Crane/BIOKAT ATBE, utilizing a Boom=280ft (85,23mtr), Mast =230ft(70,12mtr) which it was lifted on two parts:This tower was to be up raised above the already installed steel structure and then lowered into this within this steel structure till to be secured on its foundation. Thus due to boom length/mast of AM Hoist restriction, I proposed the caudal section to be cut, thus making this lift possible with a minor change in the boom of the crane. Therefore, only for this lift, which it was the last one of the heavy lifts, a 50ft long section of boom was added to increase the total length of the boom as from 230 ft to 280ft.
Thus allow safe “boom to tower” clearance during erection at the out most lift position, when lifting object comes to the closest distance as from the boom. ( note the clearance at the last minute of this video) In this video the upper section of the Tower K4101 it is erected all the (way) height above the steel structure and then lowered in to meet the caudal section, already being installed.
The last part of the erection is shown on Aspropyrgos SITE 1985/87, Part 6 “you tube  video”More details Aspropyrgos Site 1985/87  in here 
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