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Bridges, 1960′s – Film 356

Forth Rail Bridge.  Painting the Forth Rail Bridge.  Steam train going across.  Motorway bridge.  Ironbridge, Menai Bridge, Suspension Bridge, Britannia Bridge, Clifton Suspension Bridge, Tacoma Bridge, Bailey Bridges, Chiswick flyover, Waterloo Bridge, Building the new Forth Bridge.
Westminster Bridge and a London Bridge with lots of pedestrian commuters and some car traffic.  Man leaving his home.  His wife stands at their door and sees him off.  The house is right under the forth railway Bridge.  He wears an overcoat and carries a haversack.  He turns and he and she wave at each other.  He continues walking away from the camera.  On the bridge, interesting angles on men walking up riveted steel work of the bridge.  They walk slowly and carry buckets.  Good long shot of bridge with boat slowly approaching and steam (presumably from a steam railway train) approaches the bridge.  The girders of the bridge from the sea.  Men painting it.  Man ties a rope round a girder.  Man painting metalwork of bridge.  Point of view travelling on a dual carriageway and passing under a concrete bridge as a car completes its overtaking manoeuvre of our vehicle.  Motorway bridge.  Four lorries and large vans plus a car passing underneath our viewpoint on a bridge.  Single decker bus passing under a bridge seen from the front.  The Forth Bridge and a ship.  Passing under the bridge.  Man wearing flat cap and goggles loose on his cap, plus gloves and painting metalwork of the bridge.  Train evident passing below.  Long shot of steam approaching tower of bridge.  Point of view on bridge as we slowly travel along rail line and a steam train approaches from the other side.
Resume of British bridges.  Man walks over a stone bridge over a small river.  A motorcyclist overtakes him.  Cloughton Bridge? Over the river Avon at Stratford on Avon with its low stone arches and a lorry crossing it.  Swans on the River.  Ironbridge in Shropshire.  Pan up to show it.  Long shot of Ironbridge bridge and the town.  Plaque to Thomas Telford.  The Menai Suspension bridge – four shots.  The Robert Stevenson built Britannia Railway Bridge.  Railway station sign of Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, Anglesey, North Wales.  The Britannia Railway Bridge with a church and graveyard in the foreground.  Clifton Suspension Bridge – three shots.  Model of the British designed Perth narrows bridge in Australia.  Men stand over model.  Black and white archive film of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge wobbling and crashing to the ground.  Black and white archive film of a World War Two British soldier holding his hand up to attract attention.  He is presumably an engineer as he bends down and pushes a plunger.  A cloud of smoke in the distance over an already ruined street.  Archive footage of a Bailey Bridge  in use on the Chinwin River in Burma during the Second World War.  A soldier smokes a pipe as he stands on the floating bridge.
Army personnel constructing temporary Bailey Bridge.  Point of view from crane looking down on girder moving through air.  Lowering beam into place.  Territorial Army soldier driving an army lorry on road.  At Murrayfield in Scotland.  The bridge is to provide temporary car parking for a rugby international.  Truck passes castle.  Men carry metal parts of bridge.  The Edinburgh troop of the parachute engineers move bridge sections around.  Man hammering bolt into place.  Soldiers pushing bridge into place.  The bridge moving quickly into place.  Bridge reaches rollers on far side – a soldier guides it into place, and he and other soldier hold arms aloft as signal to men on other side of river to stop pushing.  Bridge is jacked down from rollers.  Use of sledgehammer and mallet to knock bolts into place.  Cars crossing bridge into car park,  The Chiswick Flyover in London.  Traffic at roundabout.  The concrete Waterloo Bridge with a boat emerging from an arch.  Classroom of the Cement and Concrete Association with men’s’ backs to camera as teacher stands at front and indicates picture of bridge drawn on white chalk on blackboard.  Two white-coated scientists test a concrete beam to destruction.  An indicating gauge.  Man gingerly pulling lever down.  Concrete slab cracking.  New steel bridge under construction next to old Forth Bridge.  This will be a suspension bridge.  Construction work.  The railway bridge again – painting it.  Man painting bridge as railway steam train passes beneath.
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