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Mechanical Crane – Simple and Price-less (Less than Rs 50)

The Mechanical crane was constructed using materials available easily and at a negligible price. Materials Required and Cost:2 Pencils         Rs. 5X2=10
2 Scales         Rs. 5X2=10
2 Sheets of cardboard       Rs. 0X2=0
Cellophane tape        Rs. 5X1=5
Scissors         Rs. 5X1=5
Blade          Rs. 5X1=5
Metal paper clips        Rs. 0.50X5=2.50
Leukoplast medical tape (or bottle cap or thread reel)  Rs. 12X1=12TOTAL COST        Rs. 49.50Procedure:The crane consists of three main parts:
The body
The base
The shaft and the pulleyStep 1: Making the body
Take a sheet of cardboard and using a stencil trace out the frame of a cube on to it. (Ex: 4x4x4 inches)
Using a blade carefully cut along the lines.
Fold the cut out cardboard into a cube and tape the edges using cellophane tape.
Cut off one side of the cube to leave an opening into the cube.
Open up a Metal Paper Clip and poke it through the adjacent sides of the opening. Make sure the opening is facing you. Bend one side to secure it and the other side to make an L-shaped handle. Take a length of string and tie it to the paper clip passing through the sides of the cube.Step 2: Making the base
Take the second sheet of cardboard and cut out a rectangle of any desired measurement. (Ex: 7×9 inches)
Draw a margin of 1 inch on each side. Cut the margin vertically on each corner, turning the sheet of cardboard every time.
Fold the sides and tape the cut margins together to get a box.Step 3: Making the shaft and the pulley
Bend the second metal paper clip and with the help of the blade snap it at the centre. Tape the two halves of the paper clip on to the flat side of the scale so that they are in line with each other. The loop region should be slightly above the scale. Our shaft is ready.Using the leftover cardboard cut out 4 small circles of 1 inch diameter (2 Rupee coin).Cut the pencil using the blade. Insert the Leukoplast/Bottle Cap/Thread Reel into the pencil and secure it by putting two cardboard circles on either end. Our pulley is ready. Combine the shaft and the pulley.Step 4: Putting together the crane
Place the body at one end of the base. Tape the back of the body to the base to provide extra stability. Use the remaining piece of pencil and poke it through the base and body fixing it in place. Now stick the scales onto inner side of the body using cellophane tape. Use another paper clip to make the hook for lifting objects and tie it to the end of the thread. On rotating the handle weights can be lifted by the pulley.Paint your crane and personalize.
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